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Why a 30-Day Close is Unrealistic Today

Before the pandemic, it was common for real estate agents and homebuyers to sign a contract with a closing date in 30 days. It was a lot of work for the lender to get all the paperwork done in a month’s time, but it could be done.

Personality Profile: Angela Dinkins

Angela Dinkins is Triserv’s newest team member - she joined us in July 2021. Angela is serving as Senior Vice President of Operations, and her goal is to improve the client experience by making Triserv’s internal processes smoother and communications stronger.

Mortgage Industry: Change is coming from the top down

In the recent Collins v. Yellen decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the structure of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is unconstitutional. This opened the door for President Biden to remove the agency’s director, Trump appointee Mark Calabria, which he did. The FHFA is now being led by Acting Director Sandra L. Thompson.

3 Spring 2021 Webinars On Demand

Triserv has been honored to appear in and host three webinars on various real estate, mortgage and appraisal topics this spring. All three webinars are now available for anyone to view on demand.

12 Questions to Ask Your AMC

If you’re a lender considering outsourcing appraisal management to a third party AMC - either for the first time or because you want to add another vendor option - you’ll, of course, want to vet the AMC. The CFPB requires any company under their purview to “Know Your Vendor,” plus it’s just a smart thing to do. Here are a dozen questions to ask any AMC candidate, as well as the answers you should look for.

Appraisal Turn Times: Can We Speed Them Up?

Real estate appraisal turn times got longer in 2020, and they’re nowhere near returning to “normal” levels yet. It seems everyone involved in a real estate transaction is frustrated by this. Why is it happening, and can we speed them up?

Combatting Margin Compression

Margin compression is a real and growing concern for mortgage lenders, according to Fannie Mae’s most recent survey. National Mortgage Professional recapped it this way: 'Fannie Mae's Q4 2020 Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey reported that mortgage lenders' profitability outlook over the next three months has declined compared to Q3.'

Personality Profile: Marc Tatarcuk

Marc Tatarcuk is one of Triserv’s newest team members, having joined in February 2021. His goal is to create and drive new client relationships for the company. He’s been in the real estate industry for 18 years, having started in residential lending.

Our Technology Benefits You

Triserv is excited about further enhancements to our cutting edge, proprietary technology platform. In the next two months we will be implementing new technology in our system that will further enhance the appraisal process for our lender clients.

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