About Triserv | Management, Staff, History

Company Overview

Founded in 2008 in Roswell, GA, Triserv has evolved into a top-tier Appraisal Management Company providing best of class evaluation solutions for banks, credit unions and mortgage bankers in all 50 states. With offices in Roswell, Georgia and San Diego, California, Triserv manages the needs of our clients on a timely basis. The key to our phenomenal growth is very simple – we have an unbelievable staff that provides incredible customer service and follow up…on every order. It is very cliché to hear AMCs talk about customer service, but Triserv succeeds in delivering it as a core competency because of our unparalleled management of the process.

Triserv is part of the Trident Services LLC family of companies. Founded by a former Navy Seal, the Trident family of companies is committed to honoring our veterans, conducting business in the most ethical and moral manner, and supporting our employees with excellent benefits, empowerment, transparency, and an affirming and rewarding work environment. We are proud that the average tenure of our employees exceeds 5 years in all departments, and we believe that stability and longevity contributes to our customer satisfaction as well as our company's growth.