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Why Choose Triserv

Lenders, Due Diligence Companies and Appraisers all love partnering with Triserv, since we offer unparalleled service, speedy turnaround times, top choice appraisers, fee transparency, and more.

Why Choose Triserv
Our Challenge

We ask potential clients to give us the opportunity to prove the Triserv difference by allowing us to manage a part of their appraisal needs for 60 days. If we don't show superior performance, then you’re free to leave us (and we’ll deserve it!). But, if we prove ourselves, then we’d like to become a primary vendor for your company. We offer performance-based, month-to-month agreements that do not bind lenders to us in long term commitments or minimum monthly volumes. We are so confident you will appreciate the difference, we offer these generous and non-binding contract terms to our lender partners.


“Our team has been working with Triserv for many years.They do a great job building a panel for a specific local area, and stay on top of the appraisers if the appraisal is not returned in a timely manner. Easy to work with on the front and back end. This company can do appraisals anywhere in the country. Highly recommended for any mortgage company. They are massive in area covered, with a small company feel. I'm grateful to have them on our team.”

- Owner, Mortgage Lender, Michigan
Giving Back

One of our cofounders is a Veteran and former U.S. Navy SEAL, so we’re proud to be an annual sponsor of the Michael P. Murphy “Run Around the Lake” event. Proceeds are donated to several deserving charities, mostly benefiting Veterans.

Giving Back
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