Why Appraisers Love Working with Triserv

The Best AMC for Appraisers:

We Pay Frequently

We pride ourselves on treating our appraisers as the valued partners that they are. One of the ways we prove this is by paying appraisers twice a month for completed orders - regardless of whether or not we’ve been paid by the lender.

We Don’t Charge You For Anything

Other AMCs often charge appraisers a technology fee or portal fee. We think this is unfair, so we never charge our appraisers any kind of fee. We think it’s only right that you keep all the money you earn.


“Thank you so much for all the work you send to our company and the great support we get from all of your staff. You all are my favorite company to work for by far. I don’t know where you got so many friendly people but you seem to hit the jackpot with employees.”

- Appraiser, Virginia
Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Our QC Review Department is staffed by appraisers. They’ve been in your shoes and they speak your language. They actually read your report page by page and will respect and defend USPAP-compliant work from our appraiser partners.

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