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Lender Resource Series: How to Prepare your Borrower for the Appraisal Process

With the exception of the pile of legal documents required for closing, appraisal inspections and reporting can be one of the more confusing areas of the refinance or purchase of a home.

Lender Resource Series: Order Statuses

What do Triserv’s various order statuses mean? Given that clients and lenders work with various AMCs and LOS systems, we wanted to take a moment to advise you as to the meaning behind the various status updates you receive throughout your order process.

Personality Profile: Joan Duncan

Joan Duncan actually has three titles at Triserv: Conditions Department Manager Senior Staff Certified Appraiser/Reviewer Customer Service Liaison So yes, she’s a busy lady!

Mortgage Lending Layoffs - We Can Help

As predicted, now that the real estate market demand is leveling off post-pandemic, many large lenders are starting to lay off loan officers and others involved in originating and servicing mortgage loans.

Personality Profile: Joe Beatty

As Client Relationship Manager, Joe Beatty spends his work days talking to Triserv’s clients, ensuring they’re receiving the service they deserve, troubleshooting, and solving problems. Joe joined the Triserv team in July 2021.

Lender Resource Series: Know Your Forms

Most people in the real estate world know the different appraisal forms and their purposes, but even seasoned veterans of the industry need a reminder course from time to time.

Personality Profile: Jennifer Kennedy

As Accounting Manager, Jennifer Kennedy is the person responsible for ensuring that all Triserv appraisers get paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. Jennifer leads a three-person accounting department that ensures all financial processes run smoothly.

Paint Your Own Picture

How do mortgage lenders keep their customers happy with the high volume of business and many delays we’ve seen during the pandemic? There’s no one better to answer this question than Tom “Sully” Sullivan, Mortgage Lending Market Manager with Evolve Bank and Trust.

Personality Profile: Brian Hampton

As Review Department Manager, Brian Hampton handles escalated appraisal / appraiser issues for Triserv. He tells the story of how he got into the appraisal industry: “My first job out of college was with a startup Internet recruiting firm.

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