Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“We are different. We don’t work like the other AMCs.” This may very well be something you’ve heard from our competitors, but at Triserv, we really are different. We do not operate like other AMCs. In September, we covered our philosophy on working with appraisers. This month, we’ll discuss how the Triserv team is set up, and, more importantly, how this benefits you.

First, Triserv was started by a team that has experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. They came with title company experience, mortgage insight, and “feet in the field” as active appraisers. As we have continued to grow, our goal has been to bring in staff with the same knowledge, skills, and experience. We love to hire “been there, done that” types of folks.

Our Customer Service teams are sprinkled with members that have strong appraisal, mortgage, and customer service skills. And any team members that were not familiar with the industry before joining Triserv are given the tools needed to understand how the business works, as well as having peers readily available for questions. Our Customer Service teams participate in ongoing training sessions, Triserv University classes, and USPAP courses. Those on the teams responsible for assigning orders are USPAP-certified, and each Team is led by a Coordinator that either is or was a Licensed Appraiser and/or has years of AMC experience.

Within our Review Department, the appraisers we work with have access to peers in the field. The Triserv Review team consists of Licensed/Certified appraisers or have long-term industry experience in the real estate market. They maintain the necessary Continuing Education from the state to ensure that their license remains active and abreast of the trends in the business. The Reviewers do additional internal training to accommodate the necessary changes that come in the appraisal world. Which makes it easy for them to be sounding boards for our appraiser panel and help answer questions to complete reports in a timely and compliant manner.

And we wouldn’t have you without our Sales Department, headed by an individual with decades of experience in appraisal management, mortgage loan origination, securitization and servicing. The sales force comes with a myriad of experience as well, whether it be years of experience in sales, mortgage banking, or AMC relations. Once someone joins our Sales team, they tend to stay for the long haul. With the growth of Triserv, we have also been able to increase the size of our sales force as well as add a team of Client Relations Managers that are readily available to handle escalated items and assist our Customer Service and Review teams to resolve issues quickly.

But why should you care? Triserv has carefully curated the best and the brightest, the most experienced and the most service-oriented…to benefit you, our customers and partners. Our experienced team works together like a well-oiled machine to produce the highest quality appraisal reports, as quickly as possible. And when there’s a question or issue, we spring into action together to get it resolved. This teamwork is what allows us to brag about our client-specific, dedicated teams on both coasts providing unparalleled service.

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