Mortgage Lending Layoffs - We Can Help

As predicted, now that the real estate market demand is leveling off post-pandemic, many large lenders are starting to lay off loan officers and others involved in originating and servicing mortgage loans.

This shouldn’t be a surprise. At some level, most folks knew there would come a time when the majority of people eligible to refinance their homes would have already done so. And with housing prices skyrocketing, there are now fewer people who can afford to buy a new home. Finally, the uptick in mergers and acquisitions in the industry has led to reductions in “redundant” workforces.

Still, understanding why a market is shrinking doesn’t make it any easier if you’re one of the people experiencing job loss. Being laid off is stressful, even if it’s part of a normal business cycle.

Triserv may be able to help. We have been in business for 15 years and have a breadth of experience across the entire lending marketplace, including banks, credit unions, and IMBs. We’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into building relationships with customers, partners, and even mortgage industry recruiters.

We’d be more than happy to leverage our experience and relationships to assist anyone in the industry who’s seeking a new role. We can make introductions, help you network, and offer support. Just let us know how we can help make this time a little bit easier.

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