Personality Profile: Dave Houseman (SVP of National Accounts)

Triserv was thrilled to recently add David Houseman to our team. Dave serves as Senior Vice President of National Accounts. He has been in upper management since 1982, having created and run a dozen different companies across a variety of industries, including hotels/resorts, night clubs, restaurants, casinos, concert companies, and retail.

Dave has spent the past 15 years in the appraisal business. He created and ran an internal AMC called Pyramid Appraisals when he worked for Finance of America/Pinnacle Mortgage. Here, Dave was also in charge of appraisal compliance (HVCC/AIR/USPAP), vendor management, and the appraisal department. Most recently, he served as EVP of Client Relations/business development for Apex Appraisal Services/Opteon USA, a national AMC.

When asked what he loves about his job, Dave says, “Being a part of the process to secure the dream of home ownership to so many families.” A longtime homeowner himself, Dave appreciates not only the safety and security of homeownership, but also the importance of having a place to build family memories as children grow up.

What’s challenging for Dave? He states, “The biggest challenge in the appraisal industry is the ever-changing value of homes, and how we can be as compliant as possible while establishing the value of each house.”

We also asked what keeps him up at night, and Dave answered, “Unfortunately, my mind never turns off because I am always worrying - every day of my life - about whether or not I did enough to bring success to my company and my clients. I go to bed thinking about my clients and work, and I wake up excited to exceed all expectations. If you ever wake up and hate the thought of going to work, you need to change what you’re doing. I wake up every day like I’m on my way to Disneyland because I absolutely love what I do, and who I do it for.”

In terms of motivation, Dave reports, “My family motivates me to overachieve in all I do so they can have all that life has to offer. My motto is, ‘I don’t live to work; I work so I can live’...but the harder I work, the stronger my family is through the results I achieve. Working for an amazing company like Triserv is also a great motivator.”

Dave has lived in California since 1971 and currently lives in Roseville, near Sacramento. He and his wife Gloria have five adult children and eight grandchildren ranging from the ages of two to 14. Dave remembers “The day I met my wife, I said I would marry this beautiful woman, but I didn’t think I would ever have that chance. Well, I got lucky and married her a year later! Being a grandparent is a blessing and now the best part of our life together. We look forward to a lifetime of happiness surrounded by our huge family, including our three dogs and two cats.”

In terms of hobbies, Dave is a huge sports fan (Rams, Lakers, Dodgers, and the Michigan Wolverines). He loves to travel and go to concerts, but his real joy is taking his grandkids to amusement parks or anywhere that puts a smile on their faces.

He and Gloria are also dedicated to giving back to those in need whenever they can. Dave was raised in a military family with core values that revolved around giving back 24/7 and bringing value to his community. Over the past two decades, he and Gloria have been involved in over 30 charity events, which have raised close to 2 million dollars for those in need.

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