Personality Profile: Brian Hampton (Review Department Manager)

Brian with wife and three sons.

As Review Department Manager, Brian Hampton handles escalated appraisal / appraiser issues for Triserv. He tells the story of how he got into the appraisal industry: “My first job out of college was with a startup Internet recruiting firm. After a year, I realized it was not for me. My dad was very well known in the mortgage business before he passed in 1995, so I had people trying to get me into the mortgage industry from the day I graduated college. I was not interested in that side of the business, but my sister had taken an appraisal course and started her career in residential appraisal about six months prior. She loved it, so I decided to try it out myself. Twenty-one years later, I am still an active real estate appraiser, and I’ve also been a Reviewer / Manager with Triserv since 2008.”

When asked what he loves about his job, Brian says, “Problem solving. Every day it seems like something new is presented. It’s amazing that you can be in an industry for 21 years and still see something new every day!”

What’s the hardest part of Brian’s job? “Being the middleman. As an AMC, we hear arguments from both sides [appraiser and lender] and have to find a way to make both sides happy. We have to listen to both sides of every issue and ultimately do what we feel is right, even if it is not what everybody wants to hear. After all, appraisals are done to ultimately protect the borrower and the client.”

Brian lives in Marietta, Georgia, right outside Atlanta. He was born and raised in Marietta, leaving only to go to school in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he played college football. He was the quarterback and Terrell Williams, now in the Hall of Fame, was one of his Wide Receivers.

With his wife Jennifer, Brian has three sons, Bryce (11), Jake (9), and Braxton (5). They also have two Boxers (Riley and Charlie) as well as three fish, two frogs, a dozen snakes, and several turtles, which were all caught in their yard/lake. The family stays busy! Brian reports, “When I’m not working, you’ll find me on a ball field of some sort. This fall alone, I was either head coach or assistant coach of four baseball teams, two football teams and two basketball teams.”

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