Refund/Cancellation Policy for Goods and Services

Once the Service has begun, by the member submitting an order request, Triserv reserves the right to not accept any Refund request or accept the Return of any Products provided. It is the member"s responsibility to understand that upon submitting a request any portion of the funds collected can be withheld to satisfy Services provided. It is at the discretion of Triserv to refund any portion of these funds based on reasonable value of services performed determined by Triserv.

Cancellation of Services may be requested at any time prior to Services rendered and any refund will be determined by the value of services performed at that time. Services rendered are defined as such:

  1. A contractor performs administrative research once accepting a service request
  2. A contractor makes any attempt at communication with the contact involved in a service request
  3. A contractor makes any physical effort involving phone calls, emails, driving, inspecting or administrative effort of any kind, be so it may appear minimal.

Additionally, consideration of a refund request will by no means be contingent upon the final determination of value by the contractor or the status of the transaction to which the purpose of the product was requested.

Triserv provides a service based product which undersigned by the nature of the process is non-returnable.