Superior QC Review

Triserv's QC (Quality Control) review is one of the most comprehensive in the Appraisal Management Industry.

Triserv is partnered with VEROS Software, the company that provides the UCDP/EAD Portals to Fannie, Freddie and HUD. We utilize VEROS tools within our review to ensure compliance every time with the portal submissions. This relationship also provides certain benefits that are unavailable to other AMCs including the ability to preview the Collateral Underwriter Score on an appraisal and ability to verify UCDP/EAD approval prior to submitting the XML file for the lender to the UCDP.

Other advantages include being able to provide an optional VEROSCORE™ Risk Score Report that delves deeper into the data and provides the lender's underwriting department with views of the appraisal's Credibility, Compliance, Complexity, Completeness and Overall Risk.

Bi-Coastal Review Team

Triserv's review team is headquartered in Atlanta with additional employees located in our San Diego regional office. This creates a "round the clock" review capability that provides lenders with availability and review during all business hours and helps move files out within our SLA.