Valuation Tools

Trying to determine the value of property prior to the initiation of an appraisal request can be challenging. A homeowner’s estimate of value is often optimistic and inaccurate. Contacting appraisers to determine a value prior to the completion of an appraisal report is now illegal in some states and prohibited by recent legislation. Triserv offers a comprehensive set of valuation tools to assist in the predetermination of value in a manner that is ethical and compliant with regard to state, federal and regulatory rules. Please use the free tools available to attempt a predetermination that will allow you to structure your loan accordingly.


The Triserv Value

While adherence to the new regulatory guidelines is paramount to the success of the Client and to Triserv, additional primary goals of Triserv consists of providing real value to our clients while creating an environment that is conducive to retaining the best appraisers, producing quality reports and ultimately creating sustainability for the lending industry. The value in Triserv lies in allowing our client:

    •To outsource the quality control component of the collateral assessment polices.

    •To have access to a qualified, approved Fee Panel of appraisers to be utilized on a rotation basis. Each appraiser is screened for licensing, minimum Errors & Omissions requirements, FHA, and redacted work samples.

    •Implementation of a “Best Practices” policy in order to accommodate full compliance with recent legislation. This policy shall include, but not limited to, adequate training and disciplinary rules on appraiser independence and specific mechanisms to report and discipline anyone who violates policies and procedures.

    •Appraisal Quality Control Review. We review every appraisal to USPAP guidelines.

    •Access to a sophisticated web-based application to order, track and receive appraisals.

    •Well paid Appraisers. Appraisers will establish a more consistent work flow and benefit from a higher pay structure than from a traditional AMC. In addition the appraisers will be able to eliminate time consuming tasks such as comp checks and accounts receivable (chasing money) allowing them more time for revenue producing production.

    •All Appraiser account payables will be eliminated. Appraisal Fees will be charged prior to inspection via borrower credit cards (collected by the Loan Officer during the application process) and appraisers will be paid promptly.

    •Immediate Adherence to recent legislation.

The Triserv Team recognizes the competitive nature of our industry. The Appraisal industry is no different than any other when it comes to Customer Service. It's simple really - to succeed a company must excel in Customer Service or face extermination. At Triserv, Customer Service is more than just terminology, it is why we were founded. To that end we make a commitment to our clients to always service their concerns, needs and employees at the highest level possible.