Dedicated Service Teams | Customer Service Model

Triserv's customer service model was built from the ground up to provide a high-touch level of service to our lender clients. Instead of the "call center" approach most AMCs employ where you have to call into a service team offshore or a call center where the individual representatives don't know who you are and have to lookup your orders, we instead assign a 2+ person team to each lender. This team becomes an extension of your staff. It is their job to know your appraisers, your orders, and place and manage the order to your requirements and due date from inception to close.

This translates into a direct benefit for your processors and loan officers in that any question, issue, problem or concern is handled immediately for you by the same people who placed the orders and know exactly what is going on. You get fast responses and your team is available to you via email or phone call. Triserv maintains teams on both coasts, allowing you to reach a team member from 7:00am EST (4:00am)PST time to 9:00 EST (6:00pm PST).

As Triserv went national and began to serve very large lenders in addition to the mid-market, we brought and scaled this model with us. Whether you're a regional lender with a community footprint or a large national lender or Wholesaler, Triserv's dedicated team capability provides the very highest levels of service and responsiveness to you and your teams!