Personality Profile: Caleb Allen (SVP of Sales - Pacific Northwest Region)
Caleb with his family

Triserv was excited to add industry expert Caleb Allen to our team last month. Caleb serves as Senior Vice President of Sales in the Pacific Northwest region. Caleb says “real estate is a family business;” his dad, sister, and brother are all real estate agents, and his dad is also a land developer that has flipped close to 100 homes. Caleb began his career as a mortgage broker, then spent several years as a producing branch manager in the mortgage industry before moving to the appraisal side six years ago.

When asked what he loves about his job, Caleb says, “People! Building lasting relationships.” He’s motivated by helping people win. Specifically, he wants the lenders he works with to be able to close more business because they work with him. Caleb loves when his lender customers can make more money and help more families because he has an efficient process that alleviates their appraisal stress. He’s also an expert at helping his lenders get more referral business by working with them to identify “A-ha moments” throughout the loan transaction when his contacts can ask who else the borrower knows that may be looking for a mortgage.

What’s challenging for Caleb? The financial landscape, such as rising interest rates. And unfinished tasks keep him up at night - he loves checklists!

Caleb grew up in North Idaho but now lives in Olympia, Washington. He and his fiancee Kristal have four kids at home, three boys and one girl ages 12, 16, 16, and 19. They also have two cats, and the entire family likes to spend time on their boat.

In terms of other hobbies, Caleb sums up his wide-ranging interests with “bikes and kites!” He loves to bike and kitesurf, in addition to snowboarding, surfing and wakesurfing. He’s a movie buff, as well as a fan of both the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Caleb is an ambassador for World Vision and has a personal goal of sponsoring 100 children in developing nations a year through a golf tournament, fundraising, and personal donations. He recently launched a side business, Big Foot Blankets, which offers poncho-style camping blankets. Part of the proceeds will go toward sponsoring more kids.

In the future, Caleb’s goals include snowboarding in Japan, kitesurfing in the Caribbean, surfing in Peru, and enjoying beer in Germany and whiskey in Ireland. He’s headed to Egypt next month to kitesurf the Red Sea.

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