Benefits of Appraising with Triserv - Frequent Payments and No Technology Fees

Triserv currently deploys a network of exceptional appraisers who have chosen to partner with us in producing high quality valuation reports to service our wide range of lenders, banks and correspondent lenders. As an independent fee appraiser, approved with Triserv, you will benefit from increased workflow, fair fees, an easy to use web-based order management system and timely payment for services rendered.

What Makes Triserv Different? Triserv has resolved to treat it's appraisers better and differently than the majority of AMCs out there. We believe in respecting the appraiser and creating an environment where the appraiser will want to prioritize our orders. We do that with the following major benefits:

  • We Pay Appraisers Twice Per Month On Completed Orders. Regardless of whether we have been paid by our lender customer or not, Triserv is issuing your payment for completed work.
  • Triserv Does Not Charge Appraisers "Portal" or "Technology Fees". This is a practice we view as unfair and unsavory. Triserv has its own proprietary technology, given to appraisers free of charge to accept, decline, or update orders. There is never a charge for using our website and this ensures that the fee you want for the order is paid with no additional fees being deducted. This has caused many appraisers to prioritize Triserv orders and creates more money in your pocket with less overhead.
  • Peer-To-Peer Interaction With Our Appraiser Review Team: Unlike most AMCs, Triserv's QC Review Department is staffed by appraisers. This creates an environment of respect and understanding with our appraiser network. When you are dealing with a revision request from Triserv or one of our lenders, the person(s) you are working with is an appraiser who understands your adjustments and methodology, and actually reads your report page by page. You can be confident in working with us knowing that we respect and defend USPAP compliant work from an appraiser.