About Us

Customer service, technology, our appraisers and staff differentiate Triserv from our competitors.

Customer Service

Customer service is more than a term, it is why we were founded. It is our way of communicating to our clients that we are grateful for their trust in allowing us to handle such a critical part of their business.


Our appraisal management technology is a custom built system with input from leading lenders and appraisal professionals. While the system is very user friendly, don't be fooled, this is a complex program that facilitates the appraisal process. Why work harder when you can work smarter?


Triserv's panel of appraisers is comprised of 99% certified residential appraisers, the highest designation attainable as a residential appraiser. This assures the client that the report is completed by an experienced professional.


Everyone at Triserv understands the importance of a high quality, effecient, and compliant appraisal report. From the original order request to closing the loan Triserv's highly-trained staff makes the process seamless allowing more time for selling and processing loans.

If you desire customer service, efficient technology and competent professionals in the appraisal process, Triserv is the answer for your Appraisal Mangement needs.